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Quick to criticize, but are you a team player?

Do you have someone on your team that "drags the project down", "doesn't pull their own weight", "needs to be asked 10 times before they react", "works hard, but they don't work smart", etc.  Is that someone you?  How about a quick self assessment?

Ask yourself.  Do I...

  • Know my role and responsibilities, i.e. the scope of my duties and deliverables.
  • Work to the same agenda as the team, e.g. goals, objectives.
  • Take a proactive approach, e.g. self starting, follow up and reply when needed.
  • Manage my workload, i.e. prioritizing, understanding and tracking what needs to be completed and when.
  • Ask, e.g. ask questions when I don't understand, ask for help when my workload has become too much.
  • Accommodate project needs, i.e. sometimes you have to be flexible with your job description or schedule.
  • Share my professional opinion, e.g. offer input/solutions to identified issues.
  • Give no-nonsense, honest answers, i.e. save the short stories for happy hour.
  • Focus on the task at hand, e.g. multi-tasking in meetings can burn time…not only the person multi-tasking, but everyone in the meeting as back tracking is needed to 'catch the multi-tasker up' with the the discussion.
  • Stay positive even during the tough times.  Yes, this is a difficult one sometimes.

If you answered "No" to any one of the 10 self assessment questions, perhaps there is room for improvement.  Being aware of your weaknesses is a great start.  The issue has been identified, now figure out the solution.  Good luck!


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